When news broke that Adidas was going to give Kanye West his own "Yeezy" line with the German sportswear brand, the biggest caveat was that he'd be working on product for sports. With West's love for basketball, people automatically assumed that he'd be designing—or at least providing his insight—on shoes for the brand's roster of athletes: Derrick Rose, James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Andrew Wiggins. And that might actually happen.

There was a precedent for folks to speculate on these collaborations happening: Harden, who Adidas signed for $200M last year, said he and West were going to do a sneaker together, and Rose, who's from Kanye's hometown of Chicago, also said he'd love to work with him on a shoe. Now they might get the chance to turn those statements into reality.

At an Adidas Basketball event in Las Vegas this week, we had the opportunity to talk to the aforementioned NBA superstars and asked them all just one question: Are you working on sneakers with Kanye?

Here's what they had to say.

Derrick Rose: I haven’t spoken to him yet, but I would love if he were to design me a shoe. If he wants to design me a shoe and give it to me without even looking at it, I’ll take it. [Laughs.] I’ll take it, it’s whatever. Just off his resume, I have a lot of confidence in his creativity. If that was to happen, I would love it, but adidas would have to push that button. I would love it, though.

Damian Lillard: I haven’t [met with Kanye], but I saw he was wearing my triple-white Boost shoes. That let me know that he liked my shoe. Being a signature athlete and also being involved in music, it only makes sense for us to cross paths and go down that road.

Andrew Wiggins: I haven’t spoke to him yet. I would love for him to help Jesse [Rademacher ] and everyone else to design the shoe, for him to have some say in it at least. Look what he did to his own shoes. The Yeezy, that’s what everyone wants right now.

James Harden: Yeah [we’re going to do a shoe]. Me and ‘Ye haven’t had any conversations yet. I think it could possibly happen in the near future, especially with how well everything’s going and how well he’s doing with the Yeezys. I think everyone’s excited about the wave that’s coming: Off the court, fashion, and on the court. Dame, Kyle Lowry, Wigg, everyone’s excited about everything that’s going on.