The Nike Cortez has a rich history, and even though it released back in 1972, it can still be found in many sneaker rotations today. A big part of why this sneaker has stood the test of time is its popularity on the West Coast, particularly Los Angeles. In what appears to be a subtle tribute to the city of Compton, Nike has made a pack of the Cortez featuring "1972" in the Old English-like font often featured on popular "Compton" gear. 

Nike chose to keep this pack clean with all-white and all-black pairs, well documenting the city's love for the model on the heel. The city's love for this sneaker is well known, and famously shouted out by Kendrick Lamar on the 2013 track "Control." "I ain't rocking' no more designer shit, white tees and Nike Cortez," said Lamar. Obviously, Lamar ended up retiring his Nike Cortez collection for his new Reebok deal, but LA's love the sneaker is still strong.