In addition to throwing shots at every one of his rap contemporaries in his verse on "Control," Kendrick Lamar also claims "I ain't rocking' no more designer shit, white tees and Nike Cortez." While that's definitely a solid look that will work in most situations, it's a shame that Kendrick is throwing in the style towel when we just proclaimed that he was the most stylish celebrity of 2013 so far.

In honor of Kendrick Lamar's moratorium on any and all designer-name and high-fashion looks, we take a retrospective look back at the kits the Compton-based emcee stunted in during the past two years. His musical and style stars were seemingly rising together in a parallel trajectory, but it looks like he'll now be focusing solely on one. Once the rappers he called out start counter-attacking, style will be the last thing on his mind. Try not to cry, as we say RIP to Kendrick Lamar's Designer Gear.

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