The CEO of Sprint just became a front-runner for coolest boss of 2016.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has been using the chance to earn free adidas Yeezy Boosts as a way motivate his employees. From what we can see, this all started in January when Claure tweeted "Great team in 100 Andover Park West in Tukwila. If they reach the number I am sending them some Yeezy." 

Since then, the lure of free Yeezys has become an ongoing thing, with Claure explaining, "I usually visit stores and when they are doing an awesome job I might drop my pair of Yeezy."

To the surprise of no one, employees are super hyped over the opportunity, and they've been hitting Claure up on Twitter in hopes of catching his attention for a visit. There's even a few customers who are trying to convince Claure to send them Yeezys after recently switching to Sprint. 

Did Claure bite off more than he can chew, or is this the best motivation tactic of all time? We'll let you decide.