Even though some people have already been camped out for days, the next adidas Yeezy Boost release isn't going down next week after all. 

Earlier today, Highsnobiety reported that there would be no Yeezy Boost release this month and that the next drop wouldn't take place until the summer. While we can't yet speak to the projected summer release date, we are now able to confirm that the info regarding the March release (or lack thereof) is in fact accurate. 

Previously, it had been rumored that the "Chocolate" brown Yeezy 750 Boost would release next Friday, March 18, but it looks like that info has either been changed or was incorrect from the jump. Sources with knowledge of the situation tell Compex that there is no Yeezy Boost release taking place next week, or anytime this month for that matter. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more.