UPDATE (2:00 p.m.): As of Shoe Palace's opening this morning, employees at the Fairfax location tell us that people are still lined up for the Yeezys despite the store repeatedly confirming that it won't get them next week. "We're not getting the Yeezys, but people are still lined up because they're stubborn," an employee said. 

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At this point, the next Yeezy Boost release still doesn't have a confirmed release date, but that hasn't stopped droves of people from lining up at a Los Angeles sneaker store.

As reported by TMZ, sneakerheads are camped out in front of Shoe Palace in hopes to cop the latest adidas Yeezy Boosts, which are rumored to be released next week. Some say they've been waiting for days—one group even went as far as to pull up in an RV to stay comfortable. There's just one small problem: no one knows for sure if the Yeezys are actually dropping next week or not.

To Shoe Palace's credit, the store has attempted to stress the lack of an official date, posting a flyer on its window that says the store hasn't received information regarding the release and that no release is currently scheduled. 

We'll be sure to update you as this one develops.