The words "Damn Daniel" have been uttered by nearly everyone in America this week, and it's because of two teens, Josh Holz and Daniel Lara, who made a viral video. Holz and Lara, both high school students from Riverside, Calif., recently made their way to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Daniel received the gift of a lifetime, literally.

During the interview, which airs today, Josh and Daniel explain how the video came about. Josh would post Snapchats of Daniel's outfits, and it took off from there. To show its gratitude towards Daniel, Vans -- who has surely seen a spike in its all-white sneaker sales recently -- hooked him up with a lifetime supply of shoes. Here's the kicker, though: They're not just white sneakers, either.

Sounds like he got a good deal out of his 15 minutes of fame. Holz, on the other hand, was given a custom surfboard, which is surely nicer than the "swatting" he received yesterday.