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On paper, the team of Nike Basketball, NBA 2K16, and Twitch may sound like an unexpected group, but those close to the partnership tell Fortune that it's a great way for each brand to better connect with their audiences.

"By broadcasting this on Twitch, the NBA, 2K, and Nike can simultaneously reach multiple audiences, including media, gamers, kick collectors, and basketball fans," John Imah, senior management of Twitch partnerships, said of the Nike Kyrie 2's "digital unveiling," which took place yesterday evening. 

In fact, considering that Twitch draws 100 million visitors per month and NBA 2K16 shipped over 4 million units in October, maybe this shouldn't have been so surprising after all.

"Since Nike is leading the charge on the footwear front, their campaign should attract others given the pioneering role Nike has played in its industry," Imah said.

The debut "Tie-Dye" Kyrie 2 colorway will officially arrive on Tuesday, December 15 for $125. In the meantime, you can create your own custom NIKEiD version now.