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There are a lot of ways to get sneakers these days, including raffles, online releases, and resellers, but now Nike is giving you a chance to get a pair by beating Kyrie Irving at NBA 2K16. Twitch, Nike Basketball, NBA 2K, and Kyrie Irving have teamed up to host a "digital unveil" of his second signature sneaker this weekend.

Kyrie Irving will be hosting a Q&A on NBA 2K's Twitch channel, where users will have a chance to beat Irving's score on his MyPARK, with one lucky winner scoring a pair of signed Nike Kyrie 2s. We've seen a lot of creative sneaker giveaways, but using your NBA 2K skills to be an NBA superstar might be one of the best yet.

This event will be held Saturday Dec. 12 at 6PM EST.