By and large, robbers are a shameless bunch, but this latest episode of sneaker theft may be one of the most brazen we've heard.

KXAN of Austin, Texas reports that 21-year-old Guillermo Ivan Prieto has been charged with burglary after allegedly stealing $21,000 worth of sneakers from a residence. These weren't your everyday general releases, either, as the victim's affidavit lists some serious heat including all three pairs of Air Yeezy 2s, "Doernbecher" Jordan IIs, IIIs, and IXs, "Galaxy" Foamposites, and Supreme x Jordan Vs

Just days later, the victim spotted one of the stolen pairs listed for sale on Facebook which led him to meet up with Prieto at a local gas station. After confirming that the kicks were his, the victim called police, who quickly took Prieto into custody. The smoking gun? The victim had marked a flaw on one of the sneakers in question with a Sharpie marker, which was later matched with one of the pairs in Prieto's possession.

Here's where the story gets even weirder. According to a confession made by Prieto, he had two accomplices in the burglary, one of whom was actually the victim's step-brother. C'mon fam — literally.