In general, Dunks are pretty hit or miss. The lows are very '90s skateboard shoe (obviously) while the highs, even though they're similar to Jordan 1s, have this sort of clunky, obstructive shape to them. They can be done well though and apparently Chitose Abe of Sacai thinks she can make them great. The last time Sacai teamed up with Nike, it brought us those killer slip-on Air Max 90s that dudes tried to squeeze their feet into. With the second collection coming from this partnership, there are obviously some new sneakers as well. This time, it's the Dunk High. The four colorways again channel that laceless look Abe did on the AM90s. They'll be part of a two-part collection, the "Fall" and "Holiday" collections, which release this Thursday, November 5th, and December 10th respectively. Not sure which sneakers will be releasing when, but they're all coming soon. Based on the look at this second collection, it also seems the laceless AM90s are coming back Thursday as well. If you missed out the first time around, there's still time for your redemption.

[Photos via Instagram]