With the Nike Air Force 1 regarded as one of the brand's most popular and recognizable sneakers, it's hard to believe that it almost never made it passed its initial 1982 release. In fact, if it wasn't for a few Baltimore sneaker shop owners, Nike might not have ever retro'd this sneaker, or any other for that matter. To honor that story and the people who probably saved the Air Force 1, Nike will be re-releasing the "Color of the Month" pack.

Sole Collector reports that before the "Color of the Month" series released in 1984, retroing older models was not part of Nike's strategy. What it ultimately took to make the Nike Air Force 1 retro a reality was a pitch from the owners at Downtown Locker, Cinderella Shoes, and Charley Rudo Sports, who sold Nike on the popularity of the Air Force 1 in the innercity.

The results of the first release were wildly successful and sparked an exclusive monthly retro known as the "Color of the Month" pack. We sure are thankful for the forward-thinking of those shop owners back then and, based on the lucrative retro business, we bet Nike is, too. 

The "Game Royal" colorway will be dropping first on Oct. 3, for $150 at Nike.com.

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