When it comes outfitting top athletes in custom sneakers, there aren't many designers who can compete with Dan Gamache, better known as Mache Customs. Previously, he's given us a step-by-step tutorial on customization and detailed what it's like to make a pair of Jordans for Ray Allen, but a new interview with Sports Illustrated is shedding even more light on the work of one of the most creative people in sneaker culture. 

"They will have a shoe in mind and colors in mind and it is my job to pull it out and put my own spin on it," Mache says of his clients, who include LeBron James, Nate Robinson, Dwayne Wade, and Russell Westbrook, just to name a few. According to Mache, working with superstars like these isn't as difficult as some may think: "They don't invade my vision. They play basketball, they are not artists," he said.

Mache says social media has played a huge part in his ascent from from the "the white kid that paints the shoes" to a household name amongst NBA players. Now, he says players turn to him in hopes of upstaging their peers, regardless of any extra attention or even fines that may accompany the flashy kicks. 

"They are very competitive about the shoes. They are looking to one-up and some will send me a picture and say ‘we got to top these,'" Mache said.

If there was ever a man for that job, it's this guy. Keep up with all of Mache's latest work via his Instagram feed here.