It's Back To The Future day and some people (mostly nerds) are freaking out. Similarly, sneakerheads (also nerds) are hyped up for a potential chance at copping the iconic Nike Air MAG sneakers that made their debut in Back To The Future II. The shoes, equipped with self power-lacing, were effectively announced last year by Tinker Hatfield and given a release set sometime in 2015. And what more perfect day to drop them than the famous date—October 21, 2015—that Marty McFly time-traveled to?

Granted, a version of the Air Mags already exist, assuming you got the bread, but according to a bevy of sources, a sole, new and improved pair is in New York City right now. What they're exactly here for and where they exactly are isn't exactly known right now, but you gotta assume that these supposedly 100% faithful to the movie kicks are going to be auctioned off for charity, right? The 1,500 pairs that released in 2011 were auctioned off as well with the proceeds going toward the Michael J. Fox Foundation and Parkinson's research. Any power-lacing numbers will obviously fetch a fuck-ton of money to go toward a good cause. Now all we gotta do is find them.

UPDATE: Michael J. Fox just tweeted out the below photo of a hand-written note from Tinker Hatfield himself that lets us in on what is happening with the one pair of self-lacing Nike Air MAGs and plans for the future. The note says that Fox will receive his own personal pair today and Nike will be producing more pairs that will see a release in spring 2016, with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in an effort to eliminate Parkinson's Disease once again. The future is now.

UPDATE II: You can even watch Michael J. Fox testing out the self-lacing system in this short clip as well. As the high pitch sound happens, you can see the laces tighten up on the shoes. They're not quite as fast as the scene from the movie. But still, shit is pretty fucking lit.

[Photo via Nike]