Corgishoe, since his days of unloading sneakers on his blog and NikeTalk, has been one of the most controversial sneaker resellers around. His presence only became more known once Instagram caught on, and he started to upload decade-old sneakers, that many were still searching for, on a daily basis. 

What made Corgi a recognizable character in the sneaker reselling world wasn’t just the collection he had — although it seemed limitless and filled with gems that most had forgotten about — but it was also the interactions that took place in the comments of his posts. There was often a tenuous relationship between Corgi, the people attempting to low-ball him on his sneakers, and other resellers. It’s also what’s turned him into a certified legend.

The Sitdown, hosted by The Don Drew, finally got a chance to speak to Corgi in an hour-plus conversation, and it’s a tell-all that’s worth the listen. For those who don’t have the time, we’ve broken down the gems that Corgi spoke about during the episode, which can be watched below, on everything from the reselling world today to how he first got into sneakers. Here are 15 Things  We Learned About Corgishoe, the Internet’s Most Notorious Sneaker Reseller.