It was just last week that the infamous and somewhat reclusive sneaker reseller Corgishoe gave one of his most in-depth interviews in recent memory. While most would scoff at the entire notion of reselling, Corgi has nonetheless cultivated a loyal and massive following over the years from his early days on NikeTalk and from selling via his now defunct blog. As social media blew up, his following carried over to these other outlets and he's now known widely because of the unique and no-frills way he does businessthrough Instagram. His method is simple: the sneakerhead O.G. posts a 15-second video to his Instagram account detailing the sneaker he's selling and asks followers to email him directly with the explicit intention to buy. Once an item is sold he immediately deletes the video to indicate as such.

Fed up with the endless emails he receives from people who are only "interested" in the shoe and, consequently, flaking, Corgi posted a simple message to his followers yesterday evening: "Buyers email saying "I want to buy." Everyone else says everything else." While this may seem like common sense, the PSA didn't sit well with a few sensitive commenters so he took them to task and the ensuing shit show was nothing short of amazing. Because of the ephemeral​ nature of his posts, we made sure to document all the hilarity in case he deleted them from his feed (which he did). So if you missed the show last night, peep how Corgi shuts down his Instagram haters.