Stealing a vehicle is a pretty gutsy move on its own, but that wasn't quite enough for a group of thieves from Houston who proceeded to ram a stolen van into a sneaker store's cinder block wall before absconding with several boxes of stolen kicks, 13WMAZ reports.

The smash-and-grab went down at Houston's City G.E.A.R. location. According to police, a group of men stole a white van and smashed through the store's back wall. They then loaded the van up with several boxes but were spotted by police shortly thereafter. That's when the alleged thieves fled the vehicle and dropped the majority of their would-be take in the streets. You can take a look at the aftermath in the raw footage below.

Now, police say they've caught "four or five" suspects while others remain at large, although it is not specified how many more perps they're looking for. 

We have so many questions here — was the van stolen with the sole intent of driving it through the store, or did they simply jump at the first opportunity they saw? Either way, there had to have been a more efficient way of pulling this off, right? Lastly, why would you go through all this trouble for what appears to be a bunch of GRs that most people wouldn't give a second glance?