While 1995's Jordan X "City Series" collection remains one of the most sought after groups of sneakers in existence, we're now learning that Jordan Brand will be revisiting this concept for the first time next year.

The Shoe Game reports that an Air Jordan X "City Pack" is slated for 2016. This time around, only four cities will be featured including New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and Chicago. Per The Shoe Game, the sneaker's traditional "45" collar branding will be replaced with scripts of each city's name. Keep in mind that the sneakers pictured above are the O.G. '95 releases, but we'll update you with images of the 2016 version as soon as they're made available. 

Much like the original release, this "City Pack" will be exclusively available in each corresponding region — New York will drop only in New York, Los Angeles in Los Angeles, and so forth. Hey, it's never too early to plan a road trip.