The word "limited-edition" gets thrown around loosely in reference to sneakers. Nothing is as sparsely produced as we'd like to believe, but there are always a few exceptions. Long before there was a retro release every weekend or collaborations were a weekly occurrence, one of the biggest rockers in the land was given a 1-of-1 pair of sneakers from Nike. That man was Eddie Van Halen, of Van Halen.

In a recent blog post by Gary Warnett, he discovered that a pair of these low-top cross-trainers, which have the Van Halen logo on the heel, that surfaced on eBay in the UK. The going price, though, wasn't as astronomical as one would think: The starting bid was set at $199, but was not met.

That means that this pair is still out there for the taking. 

In the past, we've seen sneakers made for the likes of Eric Clapton, and as Warnett questions: How many of these oddities are actually out there? Let's see if anymore surface.