Stephen Curry joined Under Armour in 2013 after a run with Nike, but if Kanye had his way, the Golden State sharpshooter would be switching brands again.

Yeezy called into HOT 97 earlier to talk fatherhood, Swish, and the NBA Finals, and we couldn't help but get hyped at what he had to say about the NBA MVP. When asked who he's picking for tonight's Game 4 match-up, Yeezy took the high road.

"I'm good friends with LeBron. I would like to be really great friends with Steph. I think he would be an awesome Yeezy athlete. I think he needs to get rid of them Under Armours right quick. The world would love to see Steph in some Yeezys," Kanye said.

Whoa. Shots fired? We can't wait to see what comes of this.