According to Business Insider, Nike is straight up mopping the floor with all the other brands it's competing against when it comes to reaching the teens. A recent survey done by a research firm asked teenagers what their preferred clothing and shoe brand was and, as you can clearly see, Nike is—how do you say—SONNING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE.

Tracking the market over the past four seasons, Nike retained between 15-20% of the apparel preferences and has grown from 40% to 46% in the world of footwear. Just look at the spread between first and second place. No one is even close to the Swoosh. When you consider how many retailers are out there today, the fact that Nike is the chosen brand for about 1 in 5 teens is fucking wild. The footwear results come as less of a surprise, but are still a little disheartening for the likes of Adidas, who's only hovering around 2% of the share in footwear amongst young people and hasn't experienced much movement lately. I know it's making strides to fix that, but they haven't taken hold just yet.

Meanwhile, on a larger basis, in the last slide you can also see how teens (females specifically, but you can probably apply it across gender lines) are gravitating towards activewear brands on the whole more than they are to classic clothing items. For the last time, athleisure is thing.

[Photos via Business Insider]