A lot of people with an interest in menswear also have an appreciation for sneakers. In more recent times, the two worlds have collided together and it's not uncommon to see a pair of athletic sneakers get paired with more tailored looks. But wearing sneakers with a suit on a daily basis, which means sporting this look to work, is easier said than done. Not only because it's not the most simplistic style to master, but a lot of workplaces have restrictions, liberal or literal, on what can be worn.

There are ways to get past this sartorial red tape, though, and it just takes a bit of know how. There are dressier-looking sneakers and ways to make an outfit better match up with a pair of footwear that's more at home on the tennis court, but to make it a seamless process, here's How to Wear Sneakers to Work (and Get Away With It).