adidas has done it. Dubbed the “greatest running shoe ever made” by the brand, the Ultra Boost challenges the general perception of runners and what a quality running shoe means to them. On the heels of the newly released, high-tech shoe that preaches blazing fast speed, exceptional cushioning, and high energy return, we caught up with three tastemakers with a deep-rooted affinity for cardio to get their thoughts on what they look for in the ideal running shoe, as well as the importance of using running as a vehicle to lead an overall healthy lifestyle. First up was nutritionist and author Keri Glassman, followed by The Meatball Shop’s Michael Chernow. Now, we move on to our third and final influencer, renowned DJ and entrepreneur Brendan Fallis.

How big of a role do staying active and being health-conscious play in your life, both personally and in terms of career?
It plays a massive part in my life in all aspects. In the most basic of analogies, a car doesn’t run well without premium fuel and regular servicing. You need to treat your body the same way. Proper nutrition and fitness allow your body and brain to run efficiently and hopefully at the speed limit, but if you have a heavy foot, who knows what you can achieve!

How do you manage to take time out of your busy schedule to get a workout in or go for a run?
I schedule a workout/run into my day as a meeting. People tend to try and find time for working out, but if you schedule a daily meeting with yourself for working out and let everyone know that you can’t be bothered during that time, then you can stick to it. If you’re locked into a 9-to-5, schedule a 7 a.m. meeting daily—or even if you tell your office that you have a lunch meeting every day all week—and do 45 minutes at the gym and then save the last 15 minutes to slam a protein shake and eat a small meal. But it’s important to make time, no matter how busy you are.

How long have you been running? How'd you get into it?
I’ve been running for years—on and off—but in the last two years, [I] picked it up pretty heavily again. I originally started on the cross-country team in high school and then continued running while I was a member of the Canadian Ski Team. After I stopped skiing, I needed a break and only realized how much I enjoyed it two years ago and got back into it. I had been running short distances as warm-ups to working out for a while, but the long distance runs are a challenge for me mentally, so I’m enjoying pushing myself through my barriers.

What’s your favorite place to run? Why?
I really love running close to the water and on trails. Anything that feels like I’m in a natural environment and escaping the madness of living in a city is a plus for me. That being said, there is definitely something really motivating about running the Central Park loop.

What are your criteria for a quality running shoe?
The shoe needs to have a good, snug fit and a comfortable toe box. Anything with a narrow or pointed toe box becomes uncomfortable after a decent distance. The sole needs to be responsive and have a decent thickness without being too soft or firm. Also, I like something really breathable with an attractive design. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are certainly a lot of unattractive sneakers out there.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “energy return?”
Empowering the user. Giving back the energy you’re putting out. Responsiveness.

Describe the feeling you get when you unwrap a fresh pair of running shoes right out of the box?
It’s like your birthday every time—trying the shoe on, walking around your apartment as if you’re really getting enough of a feeling by doing so, and smiling. Having a fresh pair of shoes, crisp and clean, and ready to hit the streets, is a great feeling!

The versatility of a running shoe, in terms of transitioning seamlessly from your favorite running route to daily wear, cannot be overstated these days. What are your thoughts on that?
It’s so nice that the running shoe has become fashionable. From Stan Smiths being back in full swing to trainers with a suit, you can’t go wrong. It’s nice because comfort is important all the time, in any situation, so to have the option of looking not only acceptable, but cool at the same time is pretty amazing. You can catch me making use of the trend a lot of the time!