adidas has done it. Dubbed the “greatest running shoe ever made” by the brand, the Ultra Boost challenges the general perception of runners and what a quality running shoe means to them. On the heels of the newly released, high-tech shoe that preaches blazing speed, exceptional cushioning, and high energy return, we caught up with three tastemakers with a deep-rooted affinity for cardio to get their thoughts on what they look for in the ideal running shoe, as well as the importance of using running as a vehicle to lead an overall healthy lifestyle. First up, nutritionist and author Keri Glassman.

How big of a role do staying active and being health-conscious play in your life, both personally and in terms of career? 
B-I-G. Career wise, it is hard to inspire, motivate, and educate if you are not doing what you are saying. For me, I can’t give exercise advice and be a couch potato! Personally, I do everything better—from work to parenting—when I have exercised. I’m calmer and happier!  

How do you manage to take time out of your busy schedule to get a workout in or go for a run?
Unfortunately, I don’t get to exercise/run as much as I would like. I try to be consistent with what is reasonable in my life at this moment— two kids, running a business, etc.—for me that is four times a week and I am happy when I get more in. I try to get runs in before the world (or at least my kids!) wakes up. This is usually at 6 a.m., and then over the weekends. I love this time of day and running at this time is beyond peaceful and invigorating for me.

How long have you been running? How'd you get into it?
I think I started running at age nine. My mom was a runner. I remember coming down for breakfast as a young kid and she would just be getting back from a six-mile run. I joined a local youth track team and competed a little but then other sports took over and running became more of a “my own time” kind of thing. It is, to this day, my favorite form of therapy. 

What’s your favorite place to run? Why?
Anywhere near an ocean. I love the ocean, and combining the sight and smell of it with a run is powerful for the soul!

What are your criteria for a quality running shoe?
Light, comfy (of course), and provide stability—I have a bad knee!  

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “energy return?” 
Endorphins, baby!

Describe the feeling you get when you unwrap a fresh pair of running shoes right out of the box? 
Motivated. Let’s do this!

The versatility of a running shoe, in terms of transitioning seamlessly from your favorite running route to daily wear, cannot be overstated these days. What are your thoughts on that?
I used to keep my running shoes for running—that’s it. But now, being so on-the-go and there being options that are stylish and functional makes life easier AND helps me get in runs.


Feeling pretty much unstoppable with the #UltraBoost from @adidasUS. This is absolutely the best running shoe for any weather...even snow!

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