Rick Owens knows how to provoke. Last month, the California-born, Paris-based designer walked a bunch of half nude male models down the Paris runway. Since partnering with Adidas, he's also challenged convention in the sneaker world.

In Owen's Spring/Summer 2015 collaboration with the footwear giant that's just now hitting stores, he's engaged with one of the Three Stripes' most polarizing models: the Springblade. Maligned by some, championed by others, it's a sneaker without aesthetic peer. Name another runner that looks like something out of Philip K. Dick's imagination. Owens' effort doesn't mince about—it's a statement of "you're either with me or not."

Sure, it's a little "weird," but, we'll conceded it is also a "dope makeover." And, naturally, the whole thing is pretty, spot-on health goth.

Owens, of course, chose the shoe for his own peculiar reason: "I was going for a kind of an arcadian vision," Owens tells Four Pins. "And the Springblade seemed to alter a graceful figure in such a great, hard, tech way."

In other words, juxtaposition, bro.