What's wrong with this picture? Still searching? We'll give you a hint, the answer is written out on the sneaker's midsole. That's because last time we checked, the NBA's official outfitter was adidas, not Anta, which  presents a little bit of a branding conundrum that should be interesting to monitor going forward.

We all know Anta as the Chinese sneaker company who makes signature shoes for NBA players like Rajon Rondo. However, in producing a sneaker bearing the Chicago Bulls' logo, we're pretty sure Anta is in violation of some type of licensing agreement between the NBA and adidas. In case Anta wanted to tick off adidas even more, they used a Derrick Rose jersey in the photo, who just happens to be the Three Stripes most prominent signature athlete. That's without even mentioning that the shoe uncannily resembles Nike's Air Force 1 silhouette. Something tells us that these sneakers are bound to ruffle the feathers of a few major athletic brands here in the States. Of course, that's if they ever see a North American release, which we highly doubt.

Check out Anta's Chicago Bulls themed sneaker in the gallery above and let us know what you think is going on here.

[Sneaker Files]

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