A teenager lost his life after attempting to rob a man for his "Legend Blue" Air Jordan XIs this past weekend.

WLWT5 Cincinnati reports that 16-year-old Jawaad Jabbar pulled a gun on two men outside of Dayton Mall in Miami Township, Ohio after failing to purchase the highly sought-after sneakers.

One of the men that Jabbar tried to rob also carried a gun, which he pulled out and fired a single shot at the teen. Jabbar was pronounced dead shortly after. According to Sgt. Jay Phares, the man who shot the teen had a concealed carry permit.

Two other teens that were with Jabbar during the attempted robbery were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the incident.

As of now, no formal charges have been filed.

This unfortunate news adds to the long list of issues that have stemmed from the release of the "Legend Blue" XIs. Last week, police pepper-sprayed a disobedient crowd that was was lined up for the sneakers.

[via WLWT5]