Here's a feel good to story to end your weekend, courtesy of the reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant.

After using the money he earned by mowing his neighbor's lawn to buy a pair of Nike KD7s, Detorit area teen Anthony Cupp had the sneakers stolen right off his feet by a bully while walking down the street. With the Thunder traveling to Detroit to take on the Pistons tonight, Durant got wind of the theft and decided to intervene. Durant surprised Cupp with a new pair of autographed KD7s, as well as some additional Nike KD gear, before Oklahoma City's tilt in the Motor City. Luckily for us, photographers were on hand to capture the whole meet and greet go down.

Check out Durant and Cupp's encounter below courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunder's Twitter account.

13-year old Anthony Cupp of Detroit had his KDs stolen right off his feet last week. Kevin surprised him tonight.

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) December 7, 2014

Here's more on Anthony's story. Kevin also surprised him with a backpack full of KD gear!

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) December 7, 2014

[Triangle Offense]

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