If there's one cardinal sin that sneakerheads are known for, it's feeling the need to match their sneakers to their T-shirt, to their hat, and to any other accessory that they're wearing. Brands have caught a whiff of this, and they now cater hook-up apparel that's sold in conjunction with nearly every sneaker release. Every now and then one of the pieces might look cool, but, for the most part, they should be ignored. It's not 2004 anymore, and it's not cool to wear an Elephant-Print hat with a pair of "Black Cement" Air Jordan IIIs. Neither is it OK to wear a shirt with nine colors that matches your sneakers with nine colors. It looks forced, and style should be a fluid, comfortable thing. Strictly adhering your wardrobe to the colorway of your sneakers is no fun, and it will ultimately make you stick out in the worst way.