It's almost 2015, and we're in a new era of the sneakerhead. No, we're not referring to a new technology that's coming out next year or something that happened at a recent sneaker release. We're talking about how someone who has an affinity for sneakers puts themselves together. Sneakers and clothes have long had a strong connection, but they're becoming more and more connected. 

With the influx of clothing brands and fashion designers that are given sneaker collaborations, you'd think that sneakerheads would become well-versed in the world of the runway. But if that seems intimidating, there are also basic cues that the average person who just picked up a clean pair of Air Max 90s, and doesn't want to look like a total schlub, can pick up on. Rather than brushing up on months of men's style magazines and trying to figure it our yourself, we've put together a handful of simple but effective bits of advice to follow. Here are 10 Style Tips That Every Sneakerhead Should Know.