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One of the #firstworldproblems most sneakerheads run into is how to correctly size on a pair of sneakers when they're making an online purchase. Not all sneakers are alike and the discrepancy in sizing doesn't only occur amongst different brands and styles, but also between different categories of the same brand.

Your size 10.5 Air Jordan 1s might not translate across the board if you try on adidas basketball sneakers, Nike runners, or even other retros Js.

To solve this common problem, a sneaker shop developed an app to come to your aid. Germany's asphaltgold created asphaltgold Fitting Room to provide sneakerheads with sizing suggestions based on their extensive research comparing models.

In the app, all you do is indicate a reference sneaker with your size and the sneaker model you'd like to compare it to. asphaltgold Fitting Room will provide you with personal recommendations based on your criteria. 

We know you've been waiting for something like this. Check out the free app on iTunes and Google Play. There's also a desktop version here.

[via asphaltgold]