Since the dawn of time, people have wanted what they didn't have. For many, that means limited, hyped, or expensive sneakers. Stretching as far back as the days of Bobbito Garcia's Where'd You Get Those: New York City's Sneaker Culture: 1960-1985 and becoming a pop-culture phenomenon in Sports Illustrated's 1990 article, "Your Sneakers or Your Life," there has been violence over coveted sneakers. Whether Air Jordans, Foamposites, or a clean pair of Nike Blazers, people have gone to extreme means to procure footwear they don't own. Sadly, this often means that people have lost their lives over what they have on their feet.

As of late, this has become an increasing trend, and it's sickening. To bring awareness to this issue, we've compiled a A Recent History of Sneaker Violence. Let's hope we don't have to report on these instances anymore. For the record, this probably isn't every time someone has been harmed over sneakers in the past few years, but it's enough to make us all think, why is this still happening?