You know that sinking feeling you get when you step out in your boxfresh suede kicks and realise you just stood in a puddle and now those joints are ruined? You can forget that. Crep Protect (a water repellent spray) is arguably the most useful and innovative product to hit the sneaker market in years, and we can tell you, hand on heart, it really does work.

The spray forms an invisible-to-the-naked-eye protective barrier over the top of your sneakers, which causes liquid and dirt to bead and roll off rather than damaging, staining and dirtying your freshest crepes. By just spraying your sneaks every two weeks, you can make sure they repel most liquids, and that dirt comes off with the swift wipe of a damp cloth.

If that doesn't revolutionise your life, then you probably aren't as big of a 'head as you thought you were, and you should probably get to work on that. If that does revolutionise your life, welcome to the club, we've been swearing by this stuff for months, and our heat is always looking fresh.

Just in case you don't believe us, check out the video below, and once that's blown your mind, head over to the Crep Protect webstore to pick up a can or two.


Art of protection 2 from Crepprotect on Vimeo.