Having coached both of them at their absolute peaks, Former Bulls and Lakers coach Phil Jackson weighed in today on the forever on-going MJ vs. Kobe debate and his answer might surprise you. According to the Zen Master, Jordan was the better player, however, Kobe trained harder:

I don’t expect anybody to be able to model their behavior after that, although Kobe modeled his behavior a lot about Michael Jordan, but he went beyond Michael in his attitude towards training, and I know Mike would probably question me saying that, but he did.

We agree Phil, we don't think Mike would like that answer at all. The whole MJ vs. Kobe debate is an argument that isn't going anywhere, especially as the Mamba's career starts to wind down. So we ask you, what do you think: Who trained harder MJ or Kobe? Take a look at the evidence below and let us know what you think.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C


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