Image via Nike
Image via Nike

Nike LeBron 12 "NSRL"

Release date: October 1
Throwback Cavs uniform it would go best with: 1999-2003

The "NSRL" was the first LeBron 12 colorway to leak online so it makes sense that it will be the first color scheme to see an official drop. According to Nike, the shoe reflects "the process of turning data into design to create superior performance footwear." Sounds like someone is trying to make up for the LeBron 11 on-court fiasco.

Image via Sneaker News

Nike LeBron 12 "Heat of a Lion"

Release date: October 30
Throwback Cavs uniform it would go best with: 2003-2010

Just in time for the Cavaliers season tip-off against the Knicks, the "Heart of a Lion" will release on October 30. We've seen lace locks in the shape of a lion on previous iterations of LeBron's signature sneakers so it makes sense that a colorway would be named after LeBron's unofficial mascot.

Image via Supplied
Image via Supplied

Nike LeBron 12 "Dunk Force"

Release date:  November 11
Throwback Cavs uniform it would go best with: 1999-2003

When we first saw this colorway surface online, we though that it would be next installment of the "Dunkman" series. Instead, Nike is calling it the "Dunk Force" inspired be LeBron's signature tomahawk jam.

Image via SA
Image via SA

Nike LeBron 12 "Instinct"

Release date: November 22
Throwback Cavs uniform it goes best with: 1997-99

When this colorway first surfaced, it was the shoe's outsole that originally caught our eye. Modeled after LeBron's 20/20 eyesight, the shoe is a tribute to King James' beautiful navigation of the basketball court.

Image via Sole Collector

Nike LeBron 12 "Six Meridians"

Release date: November 29
Throwback Cavs uniform it would go best with: 1983-1987

We fell in love with these extremely loud shoes as soon as we saw them. Named the "Six Meridians," the colorway has a pretty interesting inspiration story, originating form the Chinese practice of reflexology.

Image via Nice Kicks

Nike LeBron 12 "Trillion Dollar Man"

Release date: December 1
Throwback Cavs uniform it would look best with: 1981-1983

Has the athlete of the future already arrived in the form of LeBron James? That is the question that the "Trillion Dollar Man" colorway of the Nike LeBron 12 asks. We have to admit, we've never quite seen an athlete like King James.

Image via Sneaker News

Nike LeBron 12 "Data"

Release date: December 20
Throwback Cavs uniforms it would go best with: 1994-1997 

As the last of the initial LeBron 12 colorways, the "Data" color scheme is an ode to James' eye-opening statistics. Slated for a holiday season release, we wouldn't be surprised to see him wear these on Christmas Day.

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