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All-Star Baseball

Company: Acclaim Entertainment
Product type: Video game

After taking over for Larry Walker in 2000 as the cover boy for Acclaim Entertainment's All-Star Baseball series, Derek Jeter would remain the face of the video game franchise until the game's discontinuation in 2005. The game became so synonymous with Jeter that beginning in 2003, the cover started carrying a "Featuring Derek Jeter" subtitle. Now that's #RE2PECT.

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Derek Jeter Pro Baseball

Company: Gameloft
Product type: Mobile phone game

Derek Jeter is so cool that he infiltrated the mobile gaming market before iPhone apps were ever really a "thing." Back in the days of flip phones and texting keyboards, Jeter licensed Gameloft's 3D baseball game that included a 58-game regular season, playoffs and even tips given by "The Captain" himself.

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Company: Avon
Product type: Cologne

Who wouldn't want to smell like Derek Jeter? When Avon came up with the idea of a fragrance bearing Jeter's name, he joined an elite list of players to have their own scent: Michael Jordan, David Beckham and Tom Brady. Smell that? That's success!

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Company: Fila
Product type: Sneakers

Derek is currenty the longest tenured signature athlete on Jordan Brand's star-studded roster. However, before Jeter signed with the Jumpman, he released his first signature shoe, the Jeter Mid, with Fila in the spring of 1998.

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Fleet Bank

Company: Fleet Bank
Product type: Bank

Fresh off a World Series three-peat, Jeter teamed up with arch-rival shortstop Nomar Garciaparra (and Jim Gaffigan) in 2001 for this ad from Fleet Bank for its Homelink online banking service. Along with Alex Rodriguez, the three would make up a triumvirate of superstar shortstops that revitalized the position in the late 1990s and early 2000s that eventually landed the trio on the cover of GQ.

Fleet Bank "Derek Jeter" from Rudi Schwab on Vimeo.

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Company: Ford
Product type: Car

If you watch Yankee games on TV, then you've seen the commercials. If you've seen the commercials then you know "Jeter, he's got an edge."

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Company: Gatorade
Product type: Sports drink

Along with the likes of Peyton Manning, Dwyane Wade and Mia Hamm, Jeter has starred in numerous Gatorade commercials pushing products like Gatorade Fierce and G2, as well as print ads sporting the now iconic colored beads of sweat.

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Company: Procter & Gamble
Product: Shaving supplies

As per the rules, facial hair is prohibited when you play for the Yankees. Therefore, is there anyone better to serve as the spokesman for Gillette than the clean shaven face of the Bombers? We don't think so.

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Jordan Brand

Company: Jordan Brand
Product: Shoes

In 2001, the Jumpman released the Jordan Jeter DJ, the shortstop's first ever signature shoe with "His Airness." At the time of its release, Jeter became the first-ever baseball player to sign with Jordan and would go on to have the longest-running signature sneaker line in baseball history. The two would go on to forge a special relationship, ultimately resulting in Jeter challenging MJ to perform the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this past summer.

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Company: Luvo
Product type: Frozen food

On May 29, 1995, in Seattle, Derek Jeter played in his first career major league game for the Yankees. Where did the future hall-of-famer go for dinner following his big league debut? McDonald's, of course. Obviously, if you are going to play into your forties, you can't be eating the Golden Arches on a regular basis. That is why a seasoned Jeter decide to promote healthy eating with the Luvo food company prior to his final season in 2014.

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Major League Baseball 2K

Company: 2K Sports
Product type: Video game

When production of All-Star Baseball was halted after the 2004 season, it didn't take Jeter very long to gain another video game cover, as 2K sports scooped him up to be the cover boy of its baseball series the following year. Jeter would grace the cover of the series from 2K5 until 2K7, when fellow New York shortstop Jose Reyes succeeded him for the 2K8 installment.

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Company: Movado
Product type: Watches

When the clock struck midnight on November 1, 2001, during Game 6 of the World Series, it marked the first time that the Fall Classic was being played in November. Never one to shy away from the moment, Jeter came up in the bottom of the 10th inning and hit a 3-2 pitch over the right field fence for a walk-off home run, earning him the nickname "Mr November." Every time his Movado watch strikes 12 AM on November 1, Yankee fans all across the world get the chills.

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Company: Nabisco
Product type: Cookies

Hey, here's a good one for you, "What can you stack more of, Oreos or World Series rings?" Jeter might be the only one to know the answer to that question being that he has his very own Oreo stacking baseball card, as well as five career championship rings. As part of Jeter's deal with Nabisco, the World Series MVP appeared on the cover of Chips Ahoy! cookies and Ritz crackers, as well.

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Company: Rawlings
Product type: Sports equipment

As a five-time Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner, it makes perfect sense that Jeter would choose Rawlings as his glove of choice. His "Heart of Hide" signature model has had one of the most iconic runs of any player-endorsed glove in history, littering the infields of Little League diamonds across the country.

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Steiner Sports

Company: Steiner Sports
Product type: Sports memorabilia

Memorabilia magnates Steiner Sports hit a home run when Jeter signed on as an exclusive athlete, because lets be honest, Derek's stuff has to go for a lot more than Wilson Betemit's does.

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24 Hour Fitness

Company: 24 Hour Fitness
Product type: Gym locations

DJ partnered with the 24 Hour Fitness gym chain to open up three new locations throughout New York City in 2008. Other athlete endorsers of the gym include fellow champions Shaquille O'Neal, Andre Agassi and Lance Armstrong.

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Company: Visa
Product type: Credit card

In 2002, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner infamously called out Jeter for staying out until 3 AM for a friend's birthday, saying the All-Star shortstop "wasn't focused." So how did the two air it out? They shot a commercial for Visa making light of the incident.

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XM Satellite Radio

Company: XM Satellite Radio
Product: Radio

Jeter had some pretty high-profile co-stars for his spots with XM Satellite Radio, including Snoop Dogg, Ellen Degeneres, David Bowie and his arch-nemisis David Ortiz. As his storybook career comes to a close, expect to still see much of "The Captain" on TV, in magazines and on billboards because like his friend MJ, Jeter's legacy is simply timeless.

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