Illinois, and more specifically Chicago, is synonymous with the Jordan Brand. The brand may have been born in Beaverton but it lived in the Chi. The Jordan Brand set a precedent to every athlete that graced a basketball court within Chicago. When you step on that court, it’s more than a game—it’s a part of your life. It's that sentiment that breeds champions. The brand left the hallowed city with six rings and a monument outside of its arena that reminds everyone what dominance is.

The influence of the brand that represents the greatest athlete ever has spanned across generations, establishing a core set of values that only an athlete from Chicago can truly understand. While most people watched it, they lived it.

One of those young athletes is Jabari Parker. Coming from the South Side, Jabari grew to be one of the most dominant basketball players not named Michael in the state's history. He led his high school team, Simeon Career Academy, to four straight state championships. He didn’t even give someone a chance to take the game from him, as he will go forever unbeaten when it most matters in his high school career.

It was this basketball greatness that led him to be the perfect match to become the next Jordan Brand endorsed athlete. A rare honor that has only been given out to a select few. 

It was for that reason I decided to imagine what Jabari Parker’s first signature basketball shoe could look like for the revered Jordan Brand. 

Brett Golliff is a contributor to Complex and a designer. You can follow him on Twitter here.