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Written by Tina Nabati

Character. Charm. Class. Qualities women can possess while wearing sneakers? YES.

In a world where the pain of regular waxing has been replaced with a handful of laser sessions and frizzy hair has been replaced with a Brazilian blowout treatment, why can't the pain of heels be replaced as well? Beauty does not always have to be pain.

When I first got into sneakers around the age of nine, it was due to the Air Jordan XI in black and red. I became obsessed with the patent leather combination—and with the thought of how sneakers can have an effect on any ensemble. 

Since then, and throughout my schooling in footwear design, I grew a deeper love for sneakers simply for the challenge of dressing them to look just as feminine as a pair of heels. Wearing sneakers allowed me the benefits of heels, yet with no pain and the while making a statement in the process (a win-win in my book). What else was a non-tomboy to do? Now as a 28-year-old woman, I want more than anything to share my knowledge with other women so they too can be unique and comfortable at the same time.

No matter how late they are to the party, The New York Times is right on track in questioning whether women’s sneakers are the next big trend. It started with the glamour mags and blogs, and is now at the big-time publishing rigs.

In the past couple years, I have noticed the effort more and more footwear brands have put into making sneakers cool for women, and for any age. I have blogged and spoken about it endlessly. But as with any product in the fashion world, trends don’t really happen until the fashion gods say so. That’s when brands take notice, and the trickle begins to affect the masses. 

In the fashion world, trends don’t really happen until the fashion gods say so.

I'm not saying ladies should rid themselves of heels completely. Oh lord, please no. We ladies love our heels and that nice butt lift that comes with them. But what I am saying is comfort is completely acceptable for any occasion, and can provide a stylish edge when done right.

Beyond trend, fashion as a whole has been pushed to many limits. I walk the streets of LA and see styles that defy labeling. It's time this type of individuality come with the comfort of sneakers as well. They're all it takes to completely change an outfit. 

At the end of the day, everything has a time and place. So I say, mix it up. Street style sites and fashion blogs have endless photos of chic women in sneakers, with plenty of ideas on how to dress them femininely, with more than just jeans. Plus, we can definitely start looking forward to brands bringing us more innovative and attractive sneaker designs to experiment with in coming seasons. 

Female sneakerheads have been ready, and now it’s a fun and challenging way for the fashionistas of the world to incorporate comfort with a new sense of character, charm, and class.

Tina Nabati is the founder of You can follow her on her on Twitter here.