It doesn’t take a genius to know that women have a harder time than men in the sneaker world. Most pairs aren’t sized for women, and those that are were usually designed for boys, or in stereotypically girlie colors.

Real sneakerhead ladies have a hard time finding exactly what they want, and therefore earning the cred they deserve. But just because brands aren’t giving women the attention they deserve doesn’t mean that everyone else has to shun the fairer sex.

Titolo, a sneaker store in Switzerland, posted a job vacancy that is only open to qualifying male applicants. Perhaps we had a problem in translation (the post was written in German), but we verified and it seems they’re really only looking for young guys.

Any brand is welcome to whatever practices they feel best represents their brand, and must do so in whatever they feel honestly portrays the lifestyle they’re trying to sell. But this sort of disqualification based entirely on gender seems a little brazen.

[via Titolo]