Celebs have it so rough, right? They get up, they eat their black truffle-sprinkled corn flakes, and hop in their 2027 Bentley GT to drive a mile down their driveway in order to grab their mail. They never have to put in real work. It’s these type of misconceptions that keep broke people from prospering. Celebrities are making deals behind the scenes you never really hear about because we’re brainwashed by negativity.

There are some celebrities who have turned their passion into a second career, of sorts. Sometimes, you can’t always rely on sports, music, or acting to keep you afloat, so investing in something you truly believe in could turn out quite successful. That’s why these seven celebrities took their love for sneakers and the culture around it to open some high-profile boutiques we know, love, and shop at everyday. Sneakers unite all who are appreciative of the game, so don’t sleep on these 7 Sneaker Boutiques You Didn’t Realize Were Owned By Celebs.