The 2014 NBA Draft is quickly approaching, and the general consensus is that Andrew Wiggins will be the top player selected. Currently the Cleveland Cavaliers own the #1 pick, but rumors are swirling that several teams are looking to move up to the top spot in hopes of drafting Wiggins, including the Philadelphia 76er's.

Wiggins may not be able to control what NBA team he lands on, but one thing he can control, is what sneaker brand he intends to sign with. News recently broke that Wiggins was beginning his search and his first stop, Portland, to check in with the Nike camp. It's no surprise Nike would reach out to Wiggins who is widely considered the best athlete in the draft and his incredible marketability before even playing one minute in an NBA game. The question has to be asked if he signs with Nike, what will his role ultimately be? With LeBron, Kobe and Durant currently holding down the Swoosh, and the next wave of athlete's including Kyrie Irving, Paul George, and James Harden looking to swoop in, will Wiggins just be an ambassador for a few years, or will he get a signature shoe right out the gate much like LeBron did.

This is clearly all speculation as Wiggins hasn't committed to Nike just yet, but all signs are leaning that way. If he does sign, this won't be the first time Nike banked on a player before proving themselves, with a recent example being Jeremy Lin, who signed with the Swoosh after the "Linsanity" craze, but ultimately left for adidas earlier this year after riding the bench behind Patrick Beverley.

Let us know what you think of Andrew Wiggins possibly signing with Nike, and what you would like to see from the relationship if it does in fact go through @SneakerReport.


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