The NBA has seen its share of prolific scorers. Names like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and Wilt Chamberlain come to mind when we talk about fellas who can get buckets. But one name that's often taken for granted is Tracy McGrady. He not only graced the hardwood with one of the best mid-range games any of has ever seen, but he had one of the best sports nicknames of all time: T-Mac.

To complement his savvy offensive weapons, McGrady formed one of the most respectable signature lines of any professional athlete. Adidas took the Florida native under its umbrella and catapulted him into stardom. Though his career was plagued with injuries, T-Mac gave us exciting moments and sneakers that will be remembered forever. For all of those die-hard T-Mac fans out there, here is 1 of 1: The Sneakers Worn During Tracy McGrady's 11 Best Performances.

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