Even though we're all about wearing your kicks, sometimes it can get tough to work certain sneakers into your daily rotation when you have such a huge collection. The truth is, it's not uncommon for pairs to remain in DS condition for several years after they actually released.

For sneakerhead and Jordan Brand athlete Rip Hamilton who can basically get any pair of Jordans he wants, we're sure this is a constant issue. Rip took to Instagram today and posted a fresh pair of Air Jordan 2009 PEs and stated in the caption that he has to break the sneakers in.

It's been five years since the sneakers officially released, and his pairs are even outfitted in Detroit Pistons colors—the team he played for that year. Now this has us wondering the laundry list of other PEs that he never took to the court. We can only imagine.

[via ripcity3232]