Just a few weeks ago, Macklemore took to Instagram to show off a new project that he was really proud of: The "King Salmon" Melo M10 that he designed in conjunction with Jordan Brand. It set off speculation that Macklemore could be entering into a formal relationship with the sneaker company, and inspired a conversation of the merits of such a relationship.

There was the possibility that if that kind of a relationship had solidified between the rapper and Jordan Brand, that the "King Salmon" Melo M10 might see a public release. It looks like that was too much to ask for.

Just a few days ago, DJ Oreo took to Instagram to show off his own pair of the Macklemore-designed kicks. Having been #blessed with a pair, his pride is understandable. But the bummer came from his disclosure that only 10 pairs of the sneaker were made. Obviously this info doesn't come from the source, but DJ Oreo's credentials are legit and we have no reason not to believe him. Sad day for anyone hoping to be similarly #blessed.

[via djoreo90 on Instagram]