Following Nike's Prelude Pack, Kobe Bryant's ninth signature signature sneaker, the "Masterpiece," was released last month with much anticipation. It was revealed that the "Masterpiece" and three other Kobe 9s—"Inspiration," "Perspective," and "Detail"—inspired by Kobe's muses would be the first batch of sneakers from this new Elite line. Tomorrow, the third and final sneaker from the story-driven collection releases with the "Detail."

If you're already aware of Foot Locker's launch details, here's the scoop for Nike Store. The Nike Kobe 9 Elite "Detail" releases on, tomororw morning, at 8 a.m. EST. The release is not TLO, so you'll actually be able to search the sneaker on Nike's website tomorrow morning. If you're trying to complete the trifecta, good luck tomorrow.