What We Imagine was going through Kirk Hinrich’s mind the moment this Instagram picture of LeBron James' game worn kicks was taken by jim_ice:

Sweet Jesus, the floor is hard. That hit me like a kick from a heifer.

What are those?! Are those Lebron XI Elites? Damn man. I didn’t think Lebron even wore these shits.

The floor is my friend.

I thought he was playing in the Zoom Soldier VIIs. They be looking like them Penny V Invisibility Cloaks, but way tougher because of the structural elements.

I better get a pair of these, Phil.

Is that an ice sole?! Or is it just baby blue? I can’t even tell. I’m repulsed and elated by the semi-matte finish and scaley Swoosh.

I'm not feeling so good down here. What would Derrick do? Stay on the floor and get paid.

I could really use a hug.

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[NOTE: Although this could be what went through Kirk Hinrich's mind during the taking of this pic, we have no confirmation that it is what he was thinking. Until then, this is speculation.]

[via jim_ice on Instagram