People—and by "people," we mean rabid sports fans with hearts made out of stone—can be cold. Colder than Chicago in the dead of winter. And unfortunately, Bulls guard Derrick Rose is finding that out the hard way right now.

On Friday night, D-Rose left a game against the Trail Blazers with what appeared to be a pretty serious right knee injury. He hobbled off the court and had to be helped back into the locker room. But almost immediately, rather than showing sympathy for Rose, a whole bunch of people out there started going in with tweets and memes about Rose and his knee, given the fact that he just returned from an ACL injury at the beginning of the season:

And they didn't quit. Over the weekend, the tweets and memes kept coming. Even as the situation turned more serious than many people originally thought it was—Rose was diagnosed with a torn meniscus after getting an MRI and told that he would need to have surgery on his knee—folks continued to throw out jokes:

They didn't stop there, either. Earlier today, Rose had surgery on his knee and doctors were able to successfully repair his torn meniscus. But shortly after the surgery ended, the Bulls announced that Rose will have to sit out the remainder of 2013-14 NBA season in order to let his knee heal. And once again, the tweets started:

So did the memes. There were lots and lots of memes:

Even Adrien Broner got in on the action:

To which we say…too soon. Way too soon, guys. D-Rose is out for the season! Can't you save your jokes for another day?

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