As March Madness approaches a fever pitch, so does school and hometown pride. Just this morning we featured a pair of UNC inspired Nike Dunks as our Kicks of the Day, and then we found a gem on eBay.

For sale is a pair of Air Jordan IVs in a UNC inspired colorway.  If you wanted to prove Marcus Paige wrong (he said, “Y’all ain’t got these tho!”) it’s only going to set you back $8,000 – as of right now. Just don’t forget to factor shipping into your budget for these kicks: it’s not included in the purchasing price.

If you're a size 14 and setting your money on fire just isn't that fun for you anymore, you can grab the PEs here. The bidding ends on April 1, here’s hoping the purchaser isn’t made a fool.

[via eBay]