This spring and summer, adidas will be launching its new +0- garment collection that focuses on function-first pieces that are inspired by life in the city. Part of the collection will include the performance-driven adidas Enery Boost sneaker with +0- treatment.

The Energy Boost is outfitted in dark navy to match the color palette of the overall collection and a scrunched brown paper bag graphic on its inside collar and inserts. The +0- treatment comes into play with the premium material used to construct the sneaker—the very same technical fabric used on the collection's apparel. This allows the sneaker to be water-resistant and breathable and promotes maximum comfort in variable climate conditions of city life. Basically, you'll be prepared for the elements that come your way when you're walking down the street.

The +0- Adidas Energy Boost will be available with the rest of the collection on March 29 at adidas retailers.