Who would have thought that in 2014 a Undefeated x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration would be something that stirred the souls of sneakerheads? It's not 2006 anymore, and the Air Force 1 used had a Lunar sole and Hyperdunk tongue. In some ways, though, it still felt like the Undefeated collaborations that everyone is used to. There was plenty of hype behind both sneakers (a Hi and a Lo), the military theme was still present, and there's an interest in the Air Force 1 silhouette - even if people claim they've moved on.

This time around, Undefeated is a larger national brand than its days as a coveted sneaker store, and there's a rekindled interest in the streetwear days of old. The greatness of this collaboration isn't in the unfuckwithable mystique of Undefeated, it's because the brand created two great sneakers. Flight jacket-like material on an Air Force 1 is a good way to avoid the pitfalls of a wrinkled toebox or getting the dreaded scuff, and there's no one  - really, try and find someone - who will object to any sneaker made out of suede so hairy that the neps appear to be dangling. Sure, this isn't Undefeated's Air Jordan IV and Evidence of Dilated Peoples isn't wearing the sneakers in a music video, but this is still the West Coast sneaker vibe that dominated streetwear and sneakers almost 10 years ago - and could come back anyway now.